Aquatic Sports

Aquatic Sports

1. scuba diving
.The Tourists favorite recreational activity each month from September, April, scuba diving far out there in a few Nivember dive sites along the coast of Sri Lanka from April and Nilaveli Beach Hikkaduwa and Tangalle beach. You Diving, active husma- takingly beautiful and rich coral reefs and the fish will be familiar with,

2. boats
Wind / Water sports scuba diving surfing for the food if you want to see the beauty of the Sri Lankan waters for youself apply to boats of acitivity next best receational.

3. wind / water surfing
The most popular place to Arugam Bay on the East Coast for surfing National Championships are hosted in 2004. It is very windy waves to the usual season from April to September. South coast beaches and surfers also known.

4. Water-Skiing
For those who want to pump your adrenaline in your system, the best water sports water-skiing can be done on almost any beach. Jet-Skiing sleep Residential demand is.

5. Cruising Boats
You are beautiful scenery along the river (you are cruising river) or horizon (when you are cruising at sea) the most relaxing activities that can be found in the search. Either way, you are a glass-bottomed boat after a day long winding and will ensure a great time.

6. White Water Clockwise
This is done along the rivers, mountains, much of the country. Fun filled event will leave you. One session is to last one or two hours in stock.

7. Kayaking
More leisure activities that you carried through the natural beauty of Sri Lanka to glimse river or sea.

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